Eyeliner Technique

Liquid eyeliner can smell your fear, so we are to give you the skills your need to control your eyeliner.

Stamping - This technique is used to layer a liquid liner on top of itself. It can also be used to fill in designs once you have created an outline.

Layering - Use this technique to get a certain blend two colors and make a new color. OR, use it to replace a color when without starting your design over from scratch.

Tatting - Hold your brian Beauty Liquid Liner pen at a 90 degree angle from your face. Only the very tip of the pen should touch your face. In the same motion as a tattoo machine, use the ultra precision tip to This allows you to make small dots that are .01 in diameter. 

Filling-in - when you lay the top of the pen on its side, you can draw in lines that are 6.5 millimeters thick. Now you can fill in designs at up to 2x the speed.

Refinement - It takes Brian Beauty Liquid Liner about 15 seconds to completely dry and once it does it will not come off for at least 24 hours even if you cry, get caught in the rain, swim, or sweat. But if you just made a big mistake on your design, you can easily make a correction, even it has already dried. 

When sprayed with the unclogging solution, the precision q-tips included with your order are your eraser. 

Use it to refine edges or to review sections of your design completely. Then, use the blunt end of the q-tip to blot away any excess solution. This will dry the area and allow you to apply more eyeliner is necessary.