Our Vision:

We want to be the beauty brand that best represents and supports all LGBTQ/POC makeup artists, lovers, and creators out there.

Brian Beauty is a new type of beauty brand: we are fully dedicated to giving queer expression and creativity the platform that it deserves, and to consistently making a positive impact on the QPOC community as both the company and community surrounding it grows.

"The vision for Brian Beauty is to create a line that makes people feel like their most powerful selves! I want to see the imagination run wild. My artistic vision so far has been very collaborative. We've been working with all types of creative people so it really has taken on a life of its own."


Our Ethics:

All of our premium products are painstakingly selected, formulated, and tested with our customer’s budget, time, ethics, and aesthetics in mind. We expect the best from our community, and we want our customers to expect the best from us.