About Brian Beauty Liquid Eyeliner

There are a lot of liquid eyeliners on the market, but this is definitely one of the best. Why it's different: Not only can Brian Beauty Liquid Liner stay on for 24 + hours, but it can do so without the fading, smudging, or the need for touch-ups. High humidity-resistance - no matter how hot or sweaty, this formula stays intact. Waterproofness - Tears, Rain, Sweat - none of these are a match for Brian Beauty Liquid Liner. Vegan + Cruelty Free: This product contains no animal derivatives and is not tested on animals. Precision: Few liners on the market have a tip as precise as Brian Beauty Liner, with a tip point of .1 mm. This is a demonstration of how easily our sponge tips glide across the skin without pulling or tugging.